138 William Street, Parry Sound, ON
About Us

Church History with a little fun


By Mary Brear



Over thirty years ago

a small group was bound

With strong faith to worship in Parry Sound

Their vision was mighty, inspired by God

That Fellowship Baptists would “Break Sod”


With the faith of a mustard seed, they grew

Where 2 or 3 gather in His name they knew

God’s infinite love does not abandon

Their first Shepherd would be David Brandon


This Snug Harbour Pastor

Sunday mornings preached in town

In evenings these town folks

at Snug Harbour sat down


At the Kinsmen School on Waubeek Street

Two dozen Christians in ’82 did meet ….

Scrivers, Barrys, Jacklins, and Dowswells

Willets, Reads, Poytresses, and Calders


Isabella School was available to worship awhile

Pastor Brandon led the ‘Sound Saints with a smile

The IOOF Hall on Tudhope was utilized too

Fellowship was mighty with this faithful few


Baptisms were held in tanks or the lake

In weddings, funerals, picnics, all did partake

In ’85 Pastor Brandon moved on with tears

Hugh Rendle took his place for a couple years


In ‘87 their prayers were answered by God

On William Street land, they did “Break Sod”

In this small church Pastors planted seeds

Souls were saved as God met their needs


Ian Ackland filled the pulpit in ‘87

Followed by Pastor Bert (who’s now in Heaven)

For the next dozen years came the Freeman Team

‘Till the Hospital lured Larry to his Chaplain Dream


Pastors Ron Baxter; John Baptist;

Blake Slessor came and went



Alex Matthews the next

half dozen years spent

The little church building grew in 2008

A fall ground breaking ceremony

marked the date


The Interim Pastor in 2012

was Hugh Hamp

We knew and loved him from Smoky Trail Camp

Our pulpit team in 2013 refined their search

Dr Rick Crockford for 5 years then led our church


For several months Brent Tremblay stepped in

Capably serving through the 2018 interim

In early 2019 Joshua Stone preached for the call

Joshua, Esther and family were welcomed by all


God has richly blessed this congregation

His work passed down by generation

With Christian love, storms we weather

Old familiar Hymns bind us together


AWANAs, Teens, and Kid’s Klub were run

Young lives were touched after games and fun

Bible verses memorized ‘till they got it right

An Outreach to parents on Awards Night


Missionaries are sponsored far and near

Benevolent Funds assist the needy here

Ladies morning Bible study is every 2nd Monday

Men’s evening Bible Study’s held each Wednesday 


Sunday School begins at half-past nine

Bible verses are explored line by line

At Junior church we study God’s word

All ages are guided to follow the Lord


You’re welcome to stop by and take a seat

Strangers are friends we’ve yet to greet

Morning service starts at eleven a.m.

Each 2nd Sunday at 7 we pick our favourite hymn


Please join us at 138 William Street

May God bless you until we meet!