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Interim Pastor: Brent Tremblay

We are currently in transition and seeking a new full-time pastor. 


Crockfords’ Farewell

It’s been five years since the Crockford’s came

Lives they touched will never be the same

With much love they welcomed everyone

Their hospitality “second to none”….


Hospital visits, reverent prayers by phone

Reassured the sick they were not alone

Visitors were treated to a fine meal

Fellowship extended with true appeal


Christmas Parade floats created with care

With the gospel message for all to share

Seniors living in town were gently shown

God’s love with sermons at their “Home”


Through Pastor and Jenny children were blessed

With Youth and AWANA they gave their best

Guitar, computer skills and song direction 

Were professionally carried out to perfection


Christmas Parties hosted at Crockford’s place

Put smiles on the whole congregation’s face

The food was amazing with plenty to spare

Hearts were warmed as carols filled the air


The Ladies Tea put our church on the map

This outreach in our community filled a gap

The Salvation Plan with our friends was shared

This amazing time proved how much we cared


If anyone had a job to master  

They’d receive instant help from Pastor

Cementing, moving or shingling with care

Rick Crockford faithfully was the first there


Pastor Rick’s gentle sermons the flock digested

According to scriptural guidelines he suggested

Jenny’s Summer Book Clubs were an inspiration 

Plus fun Craft Nights with Biblical application


We’ve flourished in our walk the past five years

And now bid a sad farewell through our tears

With thankful hearts we pray God will richly bless

Jenny & Rick with good health and happiness


By Mary Brear 2018