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Dear Family & Friends:

Thanks, so much, for your faithful prayers during my 2.5 weeks at Cameroon Biblical Seminary.  God has been blessing!

I have 8 mature Christian leaders from 3 different Central African countries: Cameroon (5); Central African Republic (2); and Chad (1).  These men are already sensing God's leading for new ministry opportunities.  Last week, my first course in this Doctor of Ministry program was, 'Church Administration'.  This week it is, 'Pastoral Care'.

I have also been doing my usual visitation/counseling ministries, as time permits.  My daily teaching runs from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.  It is a blessing to have a 2-hr break for lunch.  The men are very tired by the end of each day.  They have to learn primarily in English and also have some intense discussions on how to apply the teachings in Central Africa.

This morning (Sunday) I preached on, 'The Temptation of Christ' in our morning chapel hour.  This evening I attended the commissioning service of 22 men and women who will begin studies in a new Bible Institute program in a local church.  Connections with the seminary may produce new students here in the years ahead.  This coming weekend, I have been invited to preach at a wedding on Saturday and at a local church on Sunday morning.  Then, I leave for home on Sunday night (usually 36 hours door-to-door).

African professors are now teaching some of the courses which we missionaries used to teach.  This is really exciting to see.  Two of these are former Master's students of mine and are now enrolled in this Doctor of Ministry program.  I feel privileged to be one of their mentors.  They will be able to reach and teach so many more African pastors in the years ahead.

Please, may your hearts be encouraged and blessed as well.  Without your prayers and financial support, I could not be here.  It is a TEAM effort for the glory of God!

In Christ's service,

Docteur/Professeur/Pasteur David Brandon (how do you like my French???)

September 2017 ...file in Word format Brandon Report 20170916

I have received this from David with the request that I send it to our prayer team.    Alice

Dear Family/Friends/ Supporters:

Greetings from Doane Baptist Seminary, Iloilo City in the Philippines!  You may have lost track of my whereabouts, but this is my location until September 30th.

The Lord has been blessing already in a variety of ways.  I have 36 students registered for my 2 courses on Missions: Missiology; and Cross-Cultural Missions.  Prior to my coming, 22 students made public commitments to consider seriously God's call for overseas missions.  This happened at the end of a 4-day Missions Conference.  Now I am reaping the blessings of those decisions.  My students are very focused and excited about the possibilities of serving the Lord in a foreign country.

This morning, the President allowed me to show a PPT presentation, in chapel, on Cameroon.  Plus, I read aloud the invitation, from four African pastors in Yaoundé, inviting the Filipino students to partner with them in Cameroon.  Please pray for the potential development of these connections.

Earlier this week, I addressed 40 pastors and wives at a mini-conference.  Before finishing the morning's event, they invited me to return next year to conduct a longer conference for more church leaders.  This coming week, I will be meeting with a smaller group of pastors and wives.  Please pray that I may be able to encourage the hearts of those involved on the 'front lines' of church ministry.

On Sunday, I will be preaching and teaching on 'Missions' in a local church, whose pastor is praying to go to Cameroon with me someday.  He is very missions-minded.  I have also been booked as a 'Management Consultant' to two Christian organizations.  I will be presenting a seminar on 'Administration' and assisting them in the evaluation of their leadership teams and vision for the future.

Please pray for these very exciting opportunities!  It's amazing how often the Lord sends us 'surprises' in the ministry.  I feel very privileged to be here, but this would not be possible without your faithful interest, prayers, and financial support.

Thank you and God bless

David Brandon

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Cameroon Report #3-  Evangelism in a Jungle Village

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ:

Last weekend, I had the privilege of being invited to participate in an evangelistic outreach in a tribal village, the hometown of one of our African professors.  Some of you may be wondering, as I did, just how an English-speaking Westerner was going to contribute much on such a cross-cultural venture!

After a few hours journey, we arrived at our destination.  First, I met the chief and then we walked around greeting the villagers.  They invited us into their homes and laughed as I took pictures of them preparing their meals, etc.  It was no problem getting families to pose for "l'homme blanc"!

The religion of the village is Roman Catholic, with the usual mixture of African sorcery added in.  The evangelism was not the door-to-door variety, but, by word-of-mouth, people found out that there was a meeting at our house.  I had been asked to be prepared to preach a simple message on Friday night.  The room was large, but dimly lit, with about a dozen men in attendance (the ladies were cooking the meal).  At the end of the message, I thought that I had put most of them to sleep!  However, when an invitation was given for them to come forward for prayer, they came one-by-one.  We listened to them confessing their personal, family, and community needs.  Sins were acknowledged and requests for counseling made.  We ate supper at 11:00 pm.

On Saturday morning, we went for a walk through the jungle to a village elder's home.  We were granted wonderful African hospitality, as we sat outside under a large tree.  This elder, a retired military officer, had requested a prayer of dedication for a new building that he was erecting on his property.  He has a vision to provide something positive for his community, especially for the young people who are drifting rather aimlessly.  We went as a team to the location, sharing the gospel, and conducting a brief public ceremony.  We returned to the village, counseled two teenagers, and listened as two men (from the night before) confessed their sins of alcoholism.  They expressed their desire to turn from the destructive cycle that they were caught up in. After considerable explanation of the gospel message, both men repented and asked Christ to be their personal Saviour.  Praise the Lord!  These are the first two known professions of faith from this village.

The church in Africa is growing rapidly, but the need for trained pastors is quite unbelievable.  The era, of the western missionary controlling the affairs of the church, is over.  However, there is still a warm invitation from African leaders for "servant leaders" to come and assist in the work.  This African tribal village now needs a pastoral couple to give leadership in the planting of a New Testament church.  What a privilege and joy for me to partner with my brothers and sisters in this village evangelism experience...African-style!

Please continue to pray for Alice and me, as we endeavour to do our small part, in God's kingdom, from Canadian soil.  Also, pray for my upcoming trips to Trinidad & Tobago (West Indies), Manila, and Iloilo (Philippines).  Perhaps God will raise up new missionaries to Africa from these lands, too!

God bless

Pasteur/Professeur David

Report # 2- Cameroon

Dear Family & Friends:

Greetings, once again, from Cameroon!  I trust that this letter finds you well... and as excited about missions as I am!!!

I feel privileged to represent you here, in Central Africa, during Feb/March.  I have been coming to Cameroon regularly since 2009.  Time goes quickly, but I am grateful to report that the "Vision for Central/West Africa" is unfolding before my eyes.  Former students are now coming to inform me of their ministries in various locations of Cameroon.  My current students and translator are serving the Lord in northern Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, and Gabon.  They are making additions to my notes and plan to teach other church leaders in their regions, upon their return home in two weeks time.  Under Dr. Mvondo's leadership, Cameroon Biblical Seminary is being recognized for both its high academic standards and faithful adherence to the Word of God.

I have been invited to return in Feb/March 2016 to teach two more modular courses to the Master's students.  During this year, I am to do some research and writing for the curriculum design of the proposed Doctor of Ministry program.  Courses need to be selected and outlined for implementation, with the target date set for 2016/17.  I am pleased that I have been able to travel to various parts of Cameroon, over the years.  Now it appears that the students will be coming to me!  I have taught at the institute and undergraduate levels.  Now my focus has been switched to the Master's and Doctor of Ministry programs.

My mornings are action-packed from 8 A.M to 1 P.M., with teaching and preaching, but I am able to enjoy my afternoon rest after lunch, which is the hottest part of the day.  During this time, I put the air-conditioner on, but it is not necessarily cooling me down...the electricity supply is still intermittent...a challenge for my refrigerator, too!  The evenings provide a time for visitation, studies, and Skyping Alice!!!  Wow, we get to chat with each other almost once/day!  I even have my own internet "stick" now!  This reception can also be intermittent, but what a blessing to have regular contact back home and with world events!!

I appreciate all of your prayers and financial support.  Without you, my spiritual 'A-Team', I could not be participating in "Teaching the African Teachers".

Love and blessings

Pasteur/Professeur David